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Cooling Services for Evaporative Coolers Should Be Regularly Scheduled

Evaporative coolers are specialised cooling systems as they operate the most proficiently when the outside air is warmer and drier. Also referred to as swamp coolers, the cooling systems are often featured in arid or desert locales. They are also found in Australia.

Maintenance should be regularly scheduled for evaporative coolers so the accumulated dirt can be cleaned from the system. As air circulates through the cooler, it passes over a collection of damp pads. Because the air is frequently dirty, the collected residue needs to be cleaned at least once a year. If you do not remove the dirt, it can clog the pump and cause a system breakdown. In addition, the pumps and pads need to be checked for the same reason.

Therefore, an evaporative cooling service in Melbourne can save you a lot of money with respect to repair. You can avoid some major repairs if you routinely schedule inspections and maintenance. Making the effort is worth it as evaporative coolers are less expensive to operate than regular air conditioning systems.

Why Evaporative Coolers Are Popular Choices

According to studies, you also save energy when using an evaporative cooler. In fact, the coolers use from one-tenth to one-third the energy of an AC. Because an evaporative cooler increases the moisture in the air, it offers more interior comfort. Evaporative coolers reduce temperatures naturally as well without the use of ozone-depleting substances.

Instead of recirculating the air as an air conditioning unit does, an evaporative cooler regularly draws fresh air into the home environment. The filter pads in the system serve as air filters, removing the debris, dirt, and dust from the air.

Evaporative Cooler Maintenance Tasks

The best time to schedule maintenance for an evaporative cooler is just before summer or before the unit is regularly used. Servicing the cooler usually involves cleaning the inside and outside of the unit, inspecting the belts, and changing the cooling pads.

Cleaning the unit prolongs the life of the system and therefore optimises its use. When compared to traditional cooling, again, the system is more economical. It provides more energy efficiency and a fresher air supply. The installation is inexpensive and CO2 emissions are extremely low. You can also open your windows and doors for added ventilation when this type of cooling is installed. A quiet operation makes this type of unit a preferred cooling choice.

Because the cooler adds moisture to the air, allergy sufferers or anyone suffering from respiratory distress benefits. Whilst dry air aggravates allergic reactions and asthma, evaporative cooling does the opposite.

Whether you want to schedule service or see about replacing your current evaporative cooler, set up an appointment to explore your options. Evaporative coolers are indeed economical and environmentally friendly. Therefore, it pays to review the benefits. Explore the benefits for yourself by contacting a cooling specialist.