Best Gear for Working Around the House

Whatever your DIY project, the best clothes and shoes for the task need to be comfortable. Shoes need to provide the proper support and clothes must suit your working conditions whether indoors or outdoors. Here are some recommendations for some of the common to do list jobs you need to dress for.


Rooftop Tasks

Making roof repairs requires shoes with a thick tread that has the right traction. Most roof accidents occur when smooth-soled shoes are worn and a slip and fall becomes inevitable. Basic athletic footwear is best for walking across shingled surfaces. Try these options from Finish Line including basic running shoes or even basketball shoes. The extra grip may save you a broken limb while hanging Christmas lights.

Indoor Shoes

Proper footwear isn’t just for the outdoors. While completing housekeepingresponsibilities or making repairs around the house, wearing just socks or sandals can lead to injuries. Stumped toes while cleaning or a dropped hammer on a foot while hanging a picture can all be avoided by wearing durable protective shoes.  Of course, we may not want to wear outdoor shoes inside, so set aside a pair for indoor chores. Again, typical athletic footwear is ideal. Use training shoes with durable leather uppers and a padded tongue to protect your insole while you work. For the greatest level of protection, try out Finish Line’s selection of boots, designed to protect your feet from toe to ankle. Boots are the preferred footwear of most contractors who work with heavy loads and tools that can cause injury.

What to Wear for Yardwork

While mowing the lawn or trimming the bushes, the clothing you choose to wear matters much more than your shoes. Jackets with protective long sleeves are a good way to prevent common plant-based rashes from leaving you with itchy arms. Sweatshirts are another great option for providing a secure layer of protection against insects you may disturb while working outside.

Prepare for Your DIY Projects

Before you get started on your honey do list, gear up with Finish Line. Select all the footwear and clothing options you need to stay comfortable and safe while working around the house. Use these money-saving coupons today to enjoy more savings on your gear upgrade.